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Gift of Jumuah

Welcome to the GIFTOFJUMUAH.COM Khuṭbah Portal

An online portal intended to provide resources for those who needs to prepare and deliver the Friday Khuṭbah in English.

We sincerely hope that visitors will find something useful on our site and benefit from this portal.

The Friday Khuṭbah: A Complete Educational Curriculum

A few distinguishing features about the Friday khuṭbah:

A Noble Atmosphere

The khuṭbah takes place in a majestic and submissive atmosphere where the souls get ready to receive and listen. It is characterized by the necessity of listening to the khaṭīb, not being distracted away from him, listening to him on the pretext of being obedient to the order of Allāh. The whole process makes this sermon different from any other sermon, lecture, discourse or seminar that does not fall under the same Islāmic ruling.

A Gathering for All

All Muslims gather for this particular sermon from different levels, classes and walks of life: the educated, the ignorant, men, women, children, students, the learned, the old and the young.

Weekly Repetition

The Friday khuṭbah is its continuity and repetition on a weekly basis. Every year the average Muslim listens to fifty-two sermons, and this is a complete educational curriculum and study course on its own. If the khaṭīb prepares his sermons well then, these sermons will yield the right fruits and bear great results!

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